Street Art Projects

The initiative for these projects is aimed to reduce the incidences of illegal graffiti and to provide a structured program for young people “at risk” of entering or re-entering the Juvenile Justice system for tagging or street art related offences. Our objectives are to educate young people about the legal aspects of Aerosol or Street Art, to promote social skills and inclusion, to support young people to participate in their own communities and to give young people an outlet to express themselves through structured learning workshops.

Workshops are held in a safe and controlled environment with at least two workers supervising and young people are required to wear face marks when painting.

Workshops have been facilitated by local aerosol artists Matthew Peet (Mistery), Patricia Prasada (Chez), Stuart Barber (previously of Dulwich Hill Street Art Club). MYRC’s Links to Learning Senior Project Officer Tom McDonald (Dcipher) currently facilitates workshops with special guests from time to time.

Our street art workshops are held in the school holidays, contact us for more info or check the website as holidays are approaching for our school holiday program flyer.




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  1. Zena | September 24, 2018 at 1:09 am

    Hi there,

    I am an adult that is interested in completing a graffiti art course. I understand your organisation is mainly aimed at school students.
    Would you know of any courses that would be suitable for adults? Thanks!


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