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Located in Jarvie Park, opposite Marrickville High School, Marrickville Youth Resource Centre (MYRC) is easily recognisable by its bright (some might say loud!) exterior painted by young people through the Centre’s Writer’s Bench street art program. Inside its walls MYRC offers a variety of services for young people aged 12 to 24 years including; Recreation Afternoons, School Holiday Programs, Computer Room, Music Studio, Counselling services and short term projects.

You will also find youth workers who will support you and refer you to an appropriate specialist service when necessary.

  • Individual Support and Case Work with young people and their families
  • Recreation Afternoons
  • School Holiday Programs
  • Writer’s Bench – Diversionary Street Art Program
  • Computer Room (Homework Club coming soon!)
  • Music Studio (More music programs coming soon!)
  • Live Music Nights and Dance Parties
  • Breakfast Club
  • Girls Club
  • Young Parents Support
  • Hospitality Courses
  • Trades Courses (starting Feb 2017)
  • MYRC Burners Basketball Team
  • We will refer you to an appropriate specialist when necessary too, just ask!

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the voice of youth in the greater Marrickville Local Government Area.

Driving our strategic direction, we need to mirror the priority areas in the Regional Youth Strategies (NSW Office of Communities) by providing programs that increase access and understanding through:

  1. Providing exposure to education and training opportunities leading to employment preparation
  2. Accessing wellbeing and mental health services
  3. Encouraging cultural identity and seeing value in diversity through activities and programs that celebrate those differences
  4. Increasing community participation and engagement
  5. Improving community partnerships and highlighting the value of young people’s peer networks and the role they play in responding to needs.

The Centre seeks to be a critical voice in youth affairs providing sustainable, pertinent and relevant services to young people that are reflective of local needs.

Our Vision

The Vision of MYRC is to be a sustainable, relevant organisation that, through vibrant and meaningful engagement strengthens our youth and our community in such a way that recognises their diversity and potential.

Strengthening Youth – Strengthening Community

You can download our most recent Annual Report and Strategic Plan below…

MYRC 2017 Annual Report

MYRC 2014-16 Strategic Plan







Tom Mc Donald

Tom Mc Donald


Lizzie Kruse

Lizzie Kruse



Emile Dupont-Louis

Emile Dupont-Louis



Vuli Mkwananzi

Vuli Mkwananzi








Elizabeth McAlpine

Elizabeth McAlpine



The Reconnect Program is a free and confidential service for people living in the Marrickville LGA’s.  The program is an early intervention program for young people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, due to family breakdown.  Reconnect assists young people to improve their relationships with their families to ensure living at home is possible.  We provide mediation between parents and adolescents and offer support around education, employment, accommodation and other community services for the young person and their family.

Leonard Perelini

Leonard Perelini









The Streetwork Program is an outreach program aimed at supporting young people 12 -18 years old, who have drug and alcohol issues or who are at risk of drug and alcohol abuse, and are not accessing mainstream drug and alcohol services.  The program provides this support by working with young people “on their turf” and “on their terms.”  Contact usually occurs on the street and in public places such as parks, shopping centres, railway stations and other public places where young people congregate in the Marrickville LGA’s.


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